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Ability to merge Atlassian accounts to a single account with secondary emails



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      Problem Definition

      When there are several Atlassian accounts, it is not possible to change the email address because both email addresses are in used.

      Suggested Solution

      Allow the ability to merge Atlassian accounts.

      Why this is important

      • The purpose of Atlassian to allow users to log in to any Atlassian Cloud products with the same email address. However, without merging the accounts, it's still partially met the purpose.
        • It is not convenient for users to log into different Atlassian Cloud instances with different Atlassian Accounts


      There is no workaround at the moment to merge data for multiple Atlassian accounts.

      • For Jira, bulk update the Issues' reporter and assignee from a user to another user following our guides at Editing multiple issues at the same time
      • If you use Trello, you may be able to use the Board Transfer Tool to move Boards from one account to another
      • If you also use Bitbucket you will have to contact support.
        Original request

        I have several Atlassian IDs because it's currently not possible to change the email address of an Atlassian ID.

        The ability to merge usernames (so I can merge all of my contributions and watched issues into a single place) would be so very, very awesome.

        C'mon Atlassian, I'll buy you a beer. A six-pack, even!


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