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Support for Streams in p4


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      p4 2011.1 introduced a new feature called "streams" which is similar, but not the exactly the same as a branch. while fisheye will index commits on a "streams" depot, the streams will not be recognised as separate branches.

      we should be checking for streams as well as branch specs when indexing commits.

      a current workaround is to create branch specs to match the streams.


      here you can see the commits that were actually made:

      And the fact that all commits appear on the "head" branch:

      Using the workaround, i created 2 branch specs:
      MAIN (//depot/... //depot/MAIN/...)
      DEV (//depot/MAIN/... //depot/DEV/...)

      The commits are now represented in the following way (note the DEV branch spec):

      And they appear like the following when browsing in FishEye:

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