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Improve Crucible experience with perforce streams



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      Current situation


      We have Perforce repository with a lot of streams (because each feature developed in separate stream) and when we want to review stream changes we need to create new FishEye repository for specific stream and then create review for this stream.

      What problem we have with this approach - creation of new FishEye repository - it takes time to create new one, because for our repository it takes ~2 hours to index it before we can start to use it.


      What workaround we tried

      Create FishEye repository for whole Perforce repository (
      repository) instead of single stream (\\repository\stream). This doesn't work well because:

      1. if you try to index it it will never succeed due to insane amount of data to index due to large number of streams
      2. if you don't index it, review doesn't show changes properly for files, that were changed and reviewed stream but created before - Crucible doesn't show changes in those files


      How it could be improved? I think you could find good solution for this based on your knowledge of FishEye/Crucible codebase, but I think if you can fix handling of changes in case 2 from above - it will be enough.


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