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People Directory and "controlled" privacy / configure access to People Directory depending on Group membership



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Depending on group membership users may (or may not) see users in their own or in other groups in the People Directory.

      Scenario example:

      • Internal people should be able to see all users (from their department and/or project group) as well as all customers that they are responsible for / ideally grouped per company/department/...
      • External users (customers) from company XYZ should be able to see (some) internal users (i.e. those responsible for their project), in addition all users from their own organization (members in the group XYZ) and possibly some users from another company that is utilizing the same product.

      Above could be solved by smart grouping of people, provided that the access to the People Directory is "better" configurable.

      Note: The "Shared Mode" setting in the General Configuration does not solve the issue - this is an all-or-nothing approach, it would be highly desirable to have a fine-grained controlled access to the People Directory in one of the future Confluence releases.

      Atlassian Status as of December 2017

      Thank you for your continued feedback on this issue. We acknowledge that many of you are looking to bring your customers and other external users into your Confluence site and therefore want tighter control over which users can browse the people directory.

      Some of you have also shared concerns around data privacy legislations being enforced in Europe next year. We'd like to assure you that Atlassian is committed to data privacy. Read more about this in our blog.

      At this stage we do not have a way to control who can browse the people directory. We do know that the people directory is extremely useful and that you still want to make it available for some users, like your internal employees.

      The use cases stemming from external collaboration do touch quite a number of features in the product, starting from the people directory and ranging through mentions, shares, comments, user profiles and search. In order to provide both a functional and watertight solution it is important to consider these various use cases, their impact on various features and the related front end and API implementations.

      This feature request does form part of a larger long term initiative from which we hope to provide a solution for this issue in the future. We will update the status of this issue once we have made further progress.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Confluence Product Management



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