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Ability to add your own types of events to a calendar


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      Team Calendars 4.0 shipped with the idea of event types.

      We've been thinking that towards the long-term we want to head towards the ability for customers to create their own types of events.

      This issues encompasses the idea of being able to create a type of event for a calendar. This would include potential things as:

      This issue is to track the overall demand for this. To help us better understand your problems, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Could you see yourself using it? How? And can you give us examples of the types of events you would create to provide a better understanding?

      Hi Everyone,

      Thanks for your feedback on this issue. Please note the "priority" set on this issue isn't the actual priority of the feature on our roadmap. There isn't a way for us to hide the unused fields in this project.

      We do feel this feature request is a very important part of Team Calendars and I can advise that it is on our short-term roadmap. Unfortunately, for us to enable you guys to create your own types of events for each calendar requires a significant architectural change. The good news is our team is working on this change right now. This re-architecture will also enable us to build other highly requested features as well as provide a significant performance improvement.

      So our first step is to get this re-architecture right! We want to create a stable foundation for the future of Team Calendars. Following that, this will be the next thing we will tackle on our roadmap.

      Thank you for your patience with this issue. If you are going to comment, please make it useful in terms of providing some context for the types of events you want to create.

      Sherif Mansour
      Team Calendars Product Manager

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