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As a manager, I want to link events, so that I can see related events on a single line in the timeline view



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      We have an excel spreadsheet to convey information on the con-current sprints running in our organisation.

      I was looking to migrate to Team Calendar, except there is one flaw blocking this. Our concurrent agile sprints display well. When I tried to capture capture planned deployment events (of type event), in the timeline view, these were placed in random locations, not related to the sprints.

      Where as in the excel spreadsheet, we can add these to the same row, and use different colours to represent the different stages.

      What I would like is an event type of 'deployment' which can be linked to a sprint, or to a 'version', which will be displayed on the same row in timeline view.

      Sprint X ---- – GoToUAT – – Golive –      
        Sprint Y ---- – GoToUAT – – Golive –    
            Sprint Z ---- – GoToUAT – – Golive –


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