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More Easily Change Atlassian Cloud URL Domain



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      Atlassian Update - 29 September 2021

      Hi everyone,

      This is an update to let you know that we will now be transitioning this request to closed We have completed shipping the site rename feature and it’s now available to you via the Admin Hub (admin.atlassian.com).

      A quick reminder that renaming your site does not release the old name for reuse. When you update a site’s URL, we store the previous URL in your site’s history to enable redirects.

      Please follow this page for further details and instructions on how you can access the feature: https://support.atlassian.com/organization-administration/docs/update-a-product-url/

      Atlassian product management

      Atlassian Update - 27 May 2019

      Hi everyone,
      Our team is currently working through all site rename requests that have been raised via Support. At this moment in time, the expected turnaround time for a site rename request to be actioned is five business days. In preparation for a site rename, please do not attempt to reserve your preferred name by signing up for a new site. This creates extra complexity in the process and will prolong the time required before your site can successfully be renamed.


We are also actively working on verifying the compatibility of vendor add-ons with this feature. This is an ongoing process and you can follow the progress on this ticket here.


      Atlassian product management

      Atlassian Update - 11 April 2019

      Hi everyone

      It's been a .... long time between updates. 2 years, 4 days, for those counting. Those of you who saw our latest update on CLOUD-6999 (which was also a long time ago, admittedly) will know that, despite the lack of visible external progress, there has been a team of Atlassians working gradually through these two tickets - and to that effect, I'm pleased to announce that we've shipped the first iteration of being able to rename a Cloud site, as was announced today at Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas. Key highlights:

      • Rename requests will be actioned via a support request. Support will review eligibility criteria prior to triggering a rename
      • Once Support have confirmed that the site is eligible to be renamed, they will work with the customer to schedule the site rename. It may take up to 5 minutes before the change has fully propagated through various internal systems.. Any access to an old name will be redirected to the new name (e.g. clicking on a link from an email notification sent prior to a site being renamed)
      • We have tested the renaming capabilities with a number of core Ecosystem Connect add-ons. We've proven these to work as expected after a rename, however given the number of installed Connect apps we expect there could be some cases where rename breaks these apps. We're continuing to work through the remaining list of top add-ons, as we move towards a self-serve solution. 
      • We will maintain a history of names associated with a Cloud site, up to a maximum of four previous names. We are not recycling these names currently, however we may choose to do so in the future
      • Mobile apps may require users to log out and log back in after a Cloud has been renamed. This is a known limitation with our solution, which we're looking to address in the coming months

      We're finalising external documentation updates currently, and I'll post a link to it here once that process has been completed. 

      I want to thank the broader community for your patience while we've worked our way through this problem, and acknowledge some of the comments that have come up on this ticket, especially in the last day or so regarding how long it's taken us to finally reach this point. We're acutely aware of the pain this has been causing customers, in a variety of scenarios, and are looking forward to providing some relief to that, delayed as it has been. 

      We'll be leaving this ticket open as we progress towards a fully self-service experience for administrators. Please raise a Support ticket if you encounter issues when using this functionality. 

      Nuwan Ginige
      Atlassian Product Management

      Atlassian Update - 7 April 2017

      Hi everyone

      A quick update - we've started work on some foundation services on top of which we'll build the ability to rename a JIRA and Confluence Cloud site. Once we've completed these foundations, we'll focus on allowing sites to be renamed via a support request, before eventually exposing this as a self-serve capability via Site Administration.

      Note that this particular change only allows you to change the site name (e.g. from foo.atlassian.net to
      bar.atlassian.net). This does not allow you to apply a custom domain to your site - please watch for CLOUD-6999 for future progress on our custom domain capabilities.
      I'll update this ticket once the first set of customers are eligible to rename their site via a support request, and more comprehensive documentation is available.

      Atlassian Product Management

      We receive a lot of requests for new features and improvements, so if you'd like to better understand how we make roadmap decisions, please read: https://confluence.atlassian.com/support/implementation-of-new-features-policy-201294576.html

      Atlassian Update - 13 February 2017

      Hi everyone

      Firstly, thank you to all commenters, watchers and voters on this ticket for your support for this feature. We realise we've been pretty quiet on this particular ticket, and an update is definitely overdue - after internal review, we're planning to commence work on this feature in the next couple of months (April 2017), once we've completed work on some existing priorities. We've seen the challenges customers have faced with using the suggested export/import workaround to rename their sites, and we're looking to fix this in a more sustainable manner.

      I'll update this ticket once we've commenced work on this feature, and we have some more information to share regarding intended behaviour and our rollout strategy. As usual, roadmaps are subject to change.

      Thanks again for your patience,
      Atlassian Product Management

      We receive a lot of requests for new features and improvements, so if you'd like to better understand how we make roadmap decisions, please read: https://confluence.atlassian.com/support/implementation-of-new-features-policy-201294576.html

      Currently customers are not able to easily change their Atlassian Cloud URL (domain).

      This might be required if a company name changed, the purpose of the instance changes, or there was a typo in the original name.

      This should be made this easier to create a better customer experience.



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