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Allow custom domains for Cloud apps



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      Our product teams collect and evaluate feedback from a number of different sources. To learn more about how we use customer feedback in the planning process, check out our new feature policy.



      Today, you can sign up for certain Atlassian cloud products (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence) under the subdomain of your choice. For example, if your company is Acme, you can host these products under acme.atlassian.net

      The scope of "custom domains" on this ticket is to allow customers to use Atlassian cloud products on their own second-level domain, i.e. jira.acme.com or acme.com/confluence

      Atlassian Status Update - 14 January 2021

      Hi everyone,

      We had initially planned to provide an update on this ticket in a few weeks' time, but due to the increase in comments recently, I hope that an update now will provide some clarity.

      To summarize previous updates from Atlassian on this ticket:

      • In late 2019, we began actively working on this feature as we finished up the ability to rename sites.
      • In early 2020, we identified some security concerns with our approach. In the spirit of transparency, we also provided a detailed summary of why this feature is more complex than it might appear, which you can see in the February 4, 2020 update in the issue description above.
      • In June 2020, I shared that we had decided to pause investment on this feature in order to focus on a number of other high-priority projects.
      • In October 2020, to be more transparent on exactly what these projects are we published a detailed roadmap of planned features across our cloud products.

      As of now, January 2021, we have a team actively reviewing our previous approach to custom domains and determining the best way to deliver the feature in a way that meets as many customer requirements as possible without risking the security of your data. We know that hosting on your own domain is key for many customers to move to our cloud products. As you can see in our public roadmap, our current expectation is that we will be able to launch custom domains in 2022.

      With that said, I want to correct some confusion earlier in the comments around the changes to the server deployment option for our products. There are no plans to "disable" the server version of our products (this is not technologically possible). The key changes are:

      • On February 2, 2021, new server licenses will no longer be available for purchase.
      • Existing customers will be able to change user tiers for one year, and renew support and maintenance contracts for server licenses for up to three years.
      • On February 2, 2024, Atlassian will no longer release new versions of the server products or provide support.

      You can learn more about these changes in the dedicated information hub.

      On behalf of the Atlassian team, we take your feedback seriously and understand both the frustration and the urgency. We are working hard to create the best overall experience for as many customers as possible, in line with our company values. As always, you can share your feedback with me directly: dmeyer@atlssian.com

       We plan to provide the next update on this feature in July 2021.

      Dave Meyer
      Senior Group Product Manager

      Atlassian Status Update - 23 July 2020

      Hi everyone,

      Unfortunately, we’ve decided to pause the custom domains project and revisit it early next year.

      As you may have read in our previous update (see below), implementing custom domains securely in our cloud environment entails significant engineering and design complexity. The feature would require substantial investment from a number of teams across Atlassian to meet your expectations. There are a large number of use cases for custom domains, and we believe it's critical to meet them without compromising existing features and while keeping users and data secure.

      Over the past few months, we conducted an extensive review of our cloud product roadmap and came to the conclusion that we could not continue working on custom domains without slowing down our efforts on scale, performance, and reliability of our products as well as other highly requested features like data residency, improvements to user management, and creating tooling to manage changes to your instances.

      This was an incredibly difficult decision for us to make. We know that so many of you have been eagerly awaiting this capability and that this update will cause some frustration. There are a number of Atlassians who have worked hard on this project to date and would have loved nothing more than to ship it as soon as possible. We're sharing this update because we believe in being transparent about our priorities. We haven't given up on custom domains, but it's our duty to look at our entire customer base and ensure we're investing in the areas that will bring the most value to the largest number of customers.

      We plan to re-evaluate our roadmap and revisit this decision in January 2021. We will share an update after that.

      Dave Meyer
      Group Product Manager, Enterprise Cloud
      dmeyer (at) atlassian.com

      Atlassian Status Update - 4 February 2020

      Hi Everyone,

      I’m the lead engineer at Atlassian working on Custom Domains and would like to provide some information to address the understandable frustration at our lack of updates on this ticket.

      Internally there are over 20 teams currently involved in the planning, design and build of the Custom Domains feature. Security of our customers' data is our number one priority, and is our current primary focus. By implementing Custom Domains, we change the trust model for incoming traffic from one where we own and control the domain, to one where the customer controls DNS and has the potential to obtain an SSL certificate and proxy requests. This presents a unique security challenge to Atlassian products due to the nature of our Global User Accounts in combination with user-centric APIs that aim to provide an Atlassian-wide view to users. We are working towards a solution, but this will likely involve restrictions on how and where Custom Domains can be used. To be completely transparent, there is also a possibility we’re unable to find a solution that meets our security requirements.

      In addition to the focus on security, some of the other work underway includes:

      • Designing the admin UX for configuring and managing Custom Domains, including multiple customer interviews and feedback sessions. Customer research has shown us the desire for an end-to-end solution that includes email and redirection capabilities
      • Designing and implementing the product UX - ensuring all current and future product functionality continues to work as expected, supporting redirection from the standard atlassian.net domain to the Custom Domain when one is configured while allowing the standard name to continue working for API calls
      • Building a system to request and manage the life-cycle of SSL certificates at scale, including the validation of domain ownership via DNS (we’re leveraging AWS for parts of this)
      • Integration with our provisioning systems - at the scale we are dealing with, applying custom domain configuration across our internal systems needs to be automated to address our availability, reliability and auditing requirements
      • Updating legacy Jira and Confluence code that previously assumed the URL was immutable, to instead pull the current URL from our Tenant Context system at run-time
      • Updating Confluence and Jira Service Desk to work on the root path, eg docs.acme.com and support.acme.com instead of /wiki and /servicedesk respectively - a change that is strongly supported by customer feedback
      • Adding functionality to our notification and email platforms to ensure we can send (and in Jira’s case, receive) emails for Custom Domains
      • Updating applinks (the system link between Jira and Confluence) to work with Custom Domains
      • Informing 3rd party apps when a Custom Domain is configured so they continue to work
      • Ensuring mobile apps and integrations with other products like Bitbucket and Trello continue to work as expected

      Unfortunately I can’t provide any firmer timelines, but my hope is to provide assurance that we are working on this, and to give some insight into what’s involved. We aim to provide more regular updates going forward.



      (Original comment: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CLOUD-6999?focusedCommentId=2347594&page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel#comment-2347594)


      Atlassian Status Update - 4 November 2019

      Hi all,

      We recently published a blog documenting changes that are coming for app developers in the context of custom domains. We will be adding some new fields to the install payload to inform apps if an instance is associated with a custom domain name. For the most part we do not expect apps to need the information in these fields. It is provided for any cases where an app needs to render links, server side, using the custom domain.

      If you have any questions about supporting custom domains in your apps, please post them on our Developer Community forum thread on these changes.


      Atlassian Product Management

      Atlassian Status Update - 9 September 2019

      Hi Everyone,

      This is a product update, we’re now in active development for a number of the key streams required to implement custom domains.

      We’re also working on identifying the impact of custom domains on ecosystem apps and integrations. We’ll be talking in detail about custom domains at our upcoming Atlas Camp in Vienna (Atlassian Developer Conference). Shortly after, we’ll share more information on developer.atlassian.com regarding the impact of custom domains on APIs and required changes for apps and integrations.

      From the product perspective, our main focus right now is to provide this capability for Jira Software Premium. This means, for example, we’re working towards enabling you to configure Jira, previously accessible on acme.atlassian.net/, to be accessible via issues.acme.com.

      For Jira Service Desk customers, JSD’s customer portal will remain on the /servicedesk path in the first phase of this feature. If you have subscribed to Jira Software Premium and Jira Service Desk on the same site, it will be accessible via issues.acme.com/servicedesk.

      As we continue our progress on this feature, we’ll be providing further updates including bringing this feature to Confluence Cloud Premium. We’ll also be reaching out to customers to refine our solution and ensure we meet your needs.

      Atlassian Product Management


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