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Allow custom domains for Cloud apps


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    • Our product teams collect and evaluate feedback from a number of different sources. To learn more about how we use customer feedback in the planning process, check out our new feature policy.


      Today, you can sign up for certain Atlassian cloud products (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence) under the subdomain of your choice. For example, if your company is Acme, you can host these products under acme.atlassian.net

      The scope of "custom domains" on this ticket is to allow customers to use Atlassian cloud products on their own second-level domain, i.e. jira.acme.com or acme.com/confluence 

      Atlassian Status Update - June 17, 2024

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Moinak Chatterjee and I’m a Senior Group Product Manager at Atlassian. We have a few important updates on custom domains.

      Custom domains for Jira and Confluence

      Custom domains are now generally available for Jira and will become generally available for Confluence starting in Q3. Custom domains for both Jira and Confluence will be available on Premium and Enterprise cloud plans. The rollout for Jira started today and will continue gradually over the next two weeks.

      Custom domains are an administrative capability that allow organizations to use their own domain name to host Atlassian products. For example, using go.jira.acme.com instead of acme.atlassian.net. Using a customer-branded URL instead of an Atlassian-branded URL helps make sites more discoverable, accessible, and uniquely yours, since they’re based on the organization’s domain rather than Atlassian’s. Custom domains join the family of advanced administrative capabilities that are the foundations of our Premium offering and are also included in Enterprise plans, alongside features like sandbox and release tracks.

      Custom domains for Jira Service Management help centers

      For Jira Service Management (JSM) help centers, discoverability and branding are of the utmost importance so that your customers can get the help they need as quickly as possible. Custom domains for JSM help centers enable better customer service rather than better administration, which is why they will continue to be available on all paid cloud plans.

      Getting started with custom domains

      If you’re ready to get started with custom domains for Jira, follow these instructions. We will provide an update on this post when custom domains for Confluence become generally available.

      If you are not already using a Premium license(s), you will need to upgrade to Cloud Premium to enable custom domains for Jira or Confluence. If you’re also looking for advanced scale, security & compliance, analytics, and support, we recommend you evaluate the Cloud Enterprise plan.

      URL redirects for even more flexibility

      We’ve heard your feedback and understand that many of you are looking for more flexibility in how you configure custom domains, which is why we also support URL redirects.

      In designing the custom domains solution, we’ve been intentional about balancing security, customization, and open collaboration. Having a two-level domain plays a critical role in making our solution resilient to potential man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. At this point, we do not have plans to revisit the two-level subdomain construct, but customers who would like to use a shorter URL can set up a URL redirect. If you choose to use a redirect, you can create links with a shorter, fully customized base URL that redirects your users to the full URL.

      What’s next?

      Custom domains for Jira and Jira Service Management are generally available today. Custom domains for Confluence will become generally available in Q3. Therefore, we will close this ticket 30 days after Confluence custom domains become generally available. This will give you time to use this ticket to ask questions about how to use and access custom domains. After that time, we ask that you raise a support ticket with any questions.

      We know many of you have given feedback about custom domains in the past. If you have additional feedback, we welcome you to share your candid feedback and concerns. We’ll be listening! But as a way to keep the dialogue productive, please note that we will prioritize addressing comments related to the functionality of custom domains and how to use them.


      Moinak Chatterjee
      Senior Group Product Manager, Atlassian

      Atlassian Status Update - Mar 18, 2024

      Hi everyone,
      Now that custom domains for JSM Help Center is generally available and custom domains for Jira is in early access, I’m excited to announce another milestone for the custom domains program.
      Early access - custom domains for Confluence
      We’re launching the Early Access Program (EAP) for custom domains for Confluence Cloud. Bringing custom domains to Confluence will make it easier for your team members to find and access your site.
      To join the EAP, simply follow these steps:

      1. Visit our EAP signup page
      2. Fill out the form with your details
      3. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email with further instructions

      Please note that we will limit the number of participants for this EAP so that we can properly manage feedback that comes in as part of it.
      Support for URL redirects
      I also wanted to re-share information on the option to add URL redirects, which can offer more flexibility and allow you to share a shorter URL with your team or customers. If you choose to use a redirect, you can create links with a shorter, fully customizable base URL that redirects your users to the full URL. For more information, please visit Community or the Atlassian Support Documentation.
      Thank you,

      Atlassian Status Update - Dec 14, 2023

      Custom Domains for Jira - Early Access Program

      We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated feature - Custom Domains for Jira! We are inviting you to join our Early Access Program (EAP) and be among the first to explore and provide feedback on this new feature.

      Custom Domains is designed to give you more control over your Jira instance and enhance your branding. This new feature allows you to customize your Jira domain to match your company’s domain, making it easier for your team members to remember and recognize.

      To join the EAP, follow these steps:

      1. Express your interest on our EAP signup page - Registration link
      2. Fill out the form with your details.
      3. Await your confirmation email with further instructions.

      Please note that the Early Access Program for the Custom Domains feature is limited to a select group of users for now. We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot. We will further communicate regarding the status of your request post mid-January after analysing your response.

      Once you're part of the EAP, we ask that you use the Custom Domains feature and provide us with feedback. We appreciate any insights you can provide about your experience, whether they're about usability, performance, or any other aspect of the feature.

      We are committed to making the Custom Domains feature the best it can be, and we are eager to receive your valuable input. We believe that with your help, we can create a more personalized and effective Jira experience for all our users.

      If you have any questions about the EAP or the new Custom Domains feature, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Custom Domains Support

      Best Regards,
      Prashanth M
      Product Manager, Jira Platform

      Atlassian Status Update - Dec 18, 2023

      Hi everyone,

      Custom domains for Jira Service Management Help Center paid customers have exited beta and generally available! We also have progress to report on work to introduce more flexibility in your custom domains and on a new early access program for custom domains for Jira products.

      Value of custom domains for your JSM Help Center

      Implementing your own branded URL for your Help Center will make it easier for your customers to find and recognize your brand. Operationally, your customers will have an even more seamless experience getting the help they need from the right places. Greater discoverability enables more self-provisioned help and less time required for your team to manage requests.

      Introducing more flexibility in first level subdomains

      Since announcing the open beta for this feature in August, we’ve been working to introduce more flexibility in how you implement your branded URL. Currently, you’re prompted to select from a list of keywords for your first level subdomain, but that part of the domain will soon also be free text. Once first level subdomain flexibility is shipped, it will be available across all future custom domain launches for your various Atlassian products.

      Early access - custom domains for Jira

      Last week, we announced the launch of the Early Access Program (EAP) for custom domains for Jira - including Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery and the agent experience in Jira Service Management. If you’re interested in joining the program, please refer to this comment and complete this registration form

      What’s next

      As we mentioned in August, we’re releasing custom domains support on a per-product basis. Please visit the Atlassian Cloud Roadmap to follow along on progress. We will introduce  the per-product leaders in a future update. 

      Best, Luke 

      Atlassian Status Update - Aug 16, 2023

      Hi everyone,

      As of August 1, 2023, we have released custom domains into open beta for all paid Jira Service Management Help Center customers. With this release comes greater discoverability, customization, and ease of use for your organizations' admins, teams, and customers. For details on the release, please see the Jira Service Management community article.

      Where we are now

      With our open beta underway, we’re happy to share that we are seeing broad-based adoption across our customer base and a high completion rate across customers who begin to setup up custom domains for their organization. Please continue to use the "Give feedback" option inside Admin Hub, or email custom-domains-working-group@atlassian.com[|mailto:custom-domains-feedback@atlassian.com], or leave a comment here. We continue to monitor the open beta results and your feedback to inform our approach for what's next. 

      What’s next

      Our approach is to release custom domains support on a per-product basis for Jira Software, the Agent Experience in Jira Service Management, and Confluence.

      As a reminder, the timeline for when we release support for each product will vary. You can visit our cloud roadmap or continue to watch this ticket for additional progress updates.

      Thank you for your continued engagement. We will post another update in the coming months.

      Best, Luke 

      Atlassian Status Update - May 15, 2023

      Thank you for your engagement on our last update. We know how important it is for you to have a clear and detailed understanding of the technical reasons behind the constraints and how they enhance your security experience with custom domains. Please see our latest update with more details on the security consideration and our support for URL redirect. 

      All the best, Luke

      Atlassian Status Update - Feb 28, 2023

      Hi everyone,

      This past quarter, we engaged a number of existing customers, and specifically Atlassian cloud admins, for focus group sessions. We did so to validate our direction and early admin experience designs for feedback.

      We shared these preliminary designs in the Atlassian Enterprise Community. Please refer to our update here.

      We will be back next quarter with the latest.

      All the best, Luke

      Atlassian Status Update - Oct 26, 2022

      Hi everyone,

      I am bringing you the latest update on the Custom Domains work. The leaves may be changing around the Atlassian San Francisco office, but I’m happy to report our custom domains work is still green (and on track!) for early access in 2023.

      Shipping custom domains requires extensive to changes to both our products and numerous pieces of our underlying shared cloud infrastructure. Among product teams, the Jira Service Management team is currently farthest along on this journey. As such, I’m excited to announce they have recently completed detailed, technical scoping and are beginning the implementation to bring Custom Domains to JSM. 

      In our last update, we mentioned that the approach to Custom Domains requires the enablement of new security measures. As many of you know, we operate under a multi-tenant SaaS architecture, which allows for better scalability and efficiency, minimizes security risks, among other benefits. This architectural approach also allows a single Atlassian account to be granted access to data across any number of Atlassian organizations, products, and marketplace apps. With the introduction of Custom Domains, we plan to add guardrails for the new third-party traffic controls (e.g. DNS resolver, Certificate Authority, etc.) between the user and the Atlassian systems.

      As a result, we are focusing on added security measures around auth tokens, improved security threat detection, and increased user awareness when they encounter a custom domain. We are also building out corresponding admin controls for managing custom domains in Admin hub.

      While we are committed to bringing Custom Domains to you as quickly as possible, we must do so with security and the safety of your data in mind. On behalf of the various teams contributing to this feature, thank you for your patience and continued support. Stay tuned for the next update next quarter.

      Best regards,

      Luke Liu

      Senior Product Manager, Admin Experience

      Atlassian Status Update - Aug 12, 2022

      Hi everyone,

      I am checking back in with the latest update on this feature. Apologies for the slight delay; I wanted to ensure our next communication accurately reflects our scope and progress.

      Since April, we have continued working on foundational platform building blocks, engaged our various Jira and Confluence product teams to align timelines, and partnered with our security team to advise on our work-in-progress builds. I am happy to report we remain on track for early access in 2023.

      Custom domains has been a multi-year undertaking, and we are confident in that our current approach will deliver the benefits that you have been waiting for. This approach is built upon Atlassian’s modern cloud platform, with new security measures enabled. While using custom domains with Jira and Confluence on-premise is relatively straightforward, implementing custom domains in a multi-tenant SaaS architecture with hundreds of thousands of customers requires a high degree of care. We are working closely with each product team to ensure that all existing cloud products will continue to work as expected in a tenant with custom domains enabled.

      Personally, I am really excited about this progress, and appreciate your candid comments and feedback. Thank you for your partnership, next update coming this fall!

      Best regards,

      Luke Liu

      Senior Product Manager, Admin Experience

      Atlassian Status Update - Apr 28, 2022

      Hi everyone,

      I’m Luke. I recently started at Atlassian, working with c6c23291180e to drive the custom domains efforts, and continue our quarterly updates.

      In our last update, we shared our focus areas at the conclusion of 2021. These included: internal implementation approvals, a final staffing plan, and the beginning of risk mitigation for execution. This quarter, we continued this progress, and we are still on track to deliver custom domains in 2023.

      Most recently, we have built a team that will focus exclusively on delivering custom domains. Engineering work has kicked off on platform building blocks that will support custom domains across the Atlassian product portfolio. Delivering custom domains will require the collaboration of multiple teams across Atlassian, platforms or products, and we continue to build momentum across the board. Additionally, safeguarding our customers' data is our topmost priority, so we are also taking extra precautions to ensure that exposing custom domains controls does not introduce new security risks.

      Thank you for you continued interest and feedback. Your enthusiasm drives the program’s importance and urgency. Look out for our next update in July, and please feel free to share any feedback with me directly: lliu2@atlassian.com

      Best regards,

      Luke Liu

      Senior Product Manager, Admin Experience

      Atlassian Status Update - Jan 31, 2022

      Hi everyone,

      As promised, we are providing another update on custom domains as we enter into 2022 and look ahead.

      I am pleased to communicate that we are still on the trajectory to deliver custom domains support in 2023. In the last two months, we have secured the final round of internal approvals on the implementation approach, finalized our staffing plan, and started to de-risk our execution plan by securing commitments from teams that we expect to contribute to the build.

      As before, we will continue to be transparent and provide timely updates. As the project is starting to pick up speed, we also intend to increase the frequency of these updates, delivering them on a quarterly basis.

      On behalf of the Atlassian team, we take your feedback seriously and understand both the frustration and the urgency. We are working hard to create the best overall experience for as many customers as possible, in line with our company values. You can share your feedback with me directly: ibagrak@atlassian.com

      Best regards,

      Ilya Bagrak
      Group Product Manager, Admin Experience

      Atlassian Status Update - Nov 19, 2021

      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to share an update on our progress, as we are acutely aware of the need for custom domains for many of our customers.

      Atlassian reevaluates our product priorities on a quarterly basis, and we have just wrapped up another cycle of planning. I am proud to say that since the last update, my team has helped ship self-serve site rename (another long asked for feature set) and are about to ship the much-needed improvements to custom domains for email. We’ve also been working hard to ensure that admin.atlassian.com continues to meet the performance needs of our largest and most complex cloud customers.

      These efforts illustrate the investments we’ve made in admin controls and performance, but it’s clear we need to do more. Unfortunately, this will delay our ability to invest in custom domains to the extent we originally planned. We are currently on a trajectory to deliver custom domains support in 2023 and are exploring options to accelerate the effort as well as to deliver incremental solutions ahead of that time.

      We will continue to be transparent and provide timely updates, even when the news is not what we would prefer to share.

      On behalf of the Atlassian team, we take your feedback seriously and understand both the frustration and the urgency. We are working hard to create the best overall experience for as many customers as possible, in line with our company values. You can share your feedback with me directly: ibagrak@atlassian.com

      We plan to provide the next update on this feature by January 2022.

      Best regards,
      Ilya Bagrak
      Principal Product Manager, Admin Experience

      Atlassian Status Update - 30 July 2021

      Hi everyone,

      I work with dmeyer and lead Atlassian’s custom domains team and will take over updates on our progress going forward. I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting one!

      In the last 6 months, the team has reviewed our previous technical efforts on custom domains implementation, alongside general security improvements implemented by major web browsers, and we’ve achieved internal consensus on the new approach to deliver this feature for our Jira and Confluence cloud products.

      I apologize that this update has not come sooner, but we have been quite busy taking our recommendation through internal security and architectural reviews, and I am happy to report that we are well on our way to fleshing out the execution plan. We will ramp up on execution over the new several months and continue to plan for an EAP for custom domains next year.

      Security for our customers remains our highest priority and a place where we are unwilling to compromise. While we understand and have deep sympathy for the urgency of delivering custom domains, our focus in the last six months has been finding a more feasible implementation that meets customer requirements, without putting our customers at risk.

      I also appreciate that many of you are puzzled by why something that appears so trivial at first glance would be so hard to deliver in practice. We are committed to helping our customers understand the unique complexity of getting a solution out there quickly and safely and are working on a blog post that will unpack some of the underlying technical challenges and constraints we’ve had to overcome.

      Across Atlassian, we are committed to investing where we can have the greatest impact for the most customers possible. I encourage you to check out the full scope of our plans on our public roadmap, custom domains included.

      On behalf of the Atlassian team, we take your feedback seriously and understand both the frustration and the urgency. We are working hard to create the best overall experience for as many customers as possible, in line with our company values. You can share your feedback with me directly: ibagrak@atlassian.com

      We plan to provide the next update on this feature by January 2022.

      Best regards,
      Ilya Bagrak
      Principal Product Manager

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