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Ecosystem vendors that are compatible with the Cloud Site Rename feature



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      Documented below is the list of Atlassian Marketplace add-on vendors who have confirmed that their add-ons are compatible with the Cloud Site Rename feature.

      We’ll be updating this list as we receive more confirmations from vendors.

      If you are an Ecosystem vendor, and circumstances have changed for your add-ons which results in incompatibility with the site rename feature or you would like to confirm compatibility with us, please let us know by raising a ticket here.

      Vendor Add-ons
      Innovalog JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions
      Lucidcharts Lucidcharts for Confluence
      Lucidcharts for Jira
      //SEIBERT/MEDIA - Draw.io draw.io Diagrams for Confluence
      draw.io Diagrams for Jira
      PlatUML for Confluence Cloud
      Prime Timesheet Timesheet Reports and Gadgets
      Time Reports
      Macro for Timesheet Reports and Gadgets
      Code Barrel Pty Ltd Automation for Jira
      Automation Lite for Jira Cloud
      BigBrassBand Git Integration for Jira
      Dev Info for Jira
      Xpand IT Xray Test Management for Jira
      Xporter - Export issues from Jira
      Xporter Connector for Confluence
      Navarambh Software Pte. Ltd. AIO Reports and Timesheets for Jira
      AIO Timesheets for Jira
      AIO Tableau Connector for Jira
      AIO Power BI Connector for Jira
      AIO Roll-Up Reports for Jira
      WISOFT Gantt Cloud
      Slack Connector for Jira
      Slack Connector for Confluence
      Maps Cloud
      Smart Notifications
      SoftServe Microsoft Teams for Jira
      Microsoft Teams for Confluence Cloud
      Okapya Software Solutions Inc. Checklist for Jira
      Weekdone Weekdone JIRA Reporting and Dashboard
      Play SQL Play SQL Spreadsheets
      SQL Connector
      Raimundas Juska Simple Reports & Charts Lite
      Adaptavist ScriptRunner for Jira
      Test Management for Jira
      ScriptRunner for Confluence
      Forms for Confluence
      Community Forums for Confluence
      SmartDraw Diagrams for Confluence
      SmartDraw Diagrams for Jira
      Sentry Sentry for Jira
      Gebsun Support  Issue Checklist Pro
      Issue Checklist Free
      Easy Agile Easy Agile User Story Maps for Jira
      Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira
      O'Hara Group Open API Documentation for Confluence
      Sequence Diagrams for Confluence
      Sequence Diagrams for Jira
      StreamlineSoft Render Markdown for Confluence
      Bulk Action Tools
      See All Unresolved Comments
      CQL Search
      Space Timeline
      QR Code for Jira Cloud
      Purde Software SVG out
      Simple Cite
      Kinto Soft Links Hierarchy Cloud - Soft & Portfolio
      view26 GmbH QA Tools Integration for Jira
      Charts and Reports for Jira Service Desk 
      JSON Viewer Macro for Confluence
      Page View Analytics for Confluence Cloud
      view26 Integration for Confluence
      AELBOX Scrumpy Planning Poker for Jira Cloud
      Scrumpy Planning Poker for Confluence
      Gurock TestRail for Jira Test Management
      Peter Eigenschink Glossary for Confluence Cloud
      iDalko Exalate Jira Issue Sync & more
      Table Grid Next Generation
      Exalate: HP ALM - Jira Integration
      Bilith Google Drive & Docs for Confluence
      Google Drive & Docs for Jira
      OneDrive & Office 365 for Confluence
      OneDrive & Office 365 for Confluence
      Asana for Confluence
      Integration for Dropbox & Confluence
      Integration for Dropbox & Jira
      Box for Confluence
      Box for Jira
      Wrike for Confluence
      Wrike Issue Links for Jira
      Google Calendar Agenda Gadget for Jira
      Asana Issue Links for Jira
      Colined Pivot Report
      Worklogs Report
      ServiceRocket Visibility for Confluence
      Linking for Confluence
      Redirection for Confluence
      Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector
      PDFAnalytics QC Documents for Confluence Cloud
      QC Read and Understood for Confluence
      QC Status for Confluence Cloud
      Move Work Forward Github Links for Confluence
      Microsoft Teams Jira Connector 
      Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector
      Github Links for Jira
      Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector
      Ally Companion App
      Launch Darkly Links for JIra
      Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons Advanced Tables for Confluence
      GINT - Groovy Integration Test Framework
      Drag and Drop Automation for Jira EAP
      Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI)
      Service Desk Command Line Interface
      Balsamiq Studios, LLC Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira Cloud
      Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence Cloud
      StiltSoft  Table Filter and Charts for ConfluenceTeamCity Integration for Jira
      Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence
      Plain Tasks - Simple Todo Lists
      Customer Case - Jira Support & Feedback
      Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud
      File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud
      eazyBI  eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira Cloud
      Refined Refined - Structure and Theme JSD Cloud
      Refined Spaces for Confluence Cloud
      Amoeboids Technologies Pvt Ltd  Upraise for employee success
      Automated Release Notes for Jira
      UpRaise for Employee Garrison
      Embedder for Confluence
      UpRaise People for Jira
      Enriched Profiles for Jira Service Desk
      UpRaise connector for Confluence
      Transition Technologies PSC The Scheduler
      Excel Connector
      Issue Links Viewer
      Issues Links Viewer Lite
      Zendesk Zendesk for Jira
      Wittified  The extension wizard for Jira Cloud
      Announcer for Confluence Cloud
      Web fragment finder
      Web fragment finder for Confluence
      Feed Three   Smart Queue for Jira Service Desk
      Aha! Labs Inc Aha! Visual Product Roadmaps
      Github Github for Jira
      Gliffy Gliffy Diagram for Confluence
      Gliffy Diagram for Jira
      Zephyr Zephyr for Jira - Test Management
      Capture for Jira
      SolDevelo Team Performance Reports and Insights for Jira
      Agile Dashboard for Project Management
      Multiple Checklists for Jira
      Worklogs -Time Reports for Jira
       K15t Backbone Issue Sync for Jira
      Scroll Documents for Confluence
      Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence
      Scroll Word Exporter for Confluence
      Scroll Exporter Extensions
      codefortynine GmbH Deep clone for Jira
      Slack for Confluence
      Secure Google Calendar for Confluence
      Merge Agent for Jira
      External Data for Jira Fields
      Version Sync for Jira
      Comment Custom Fields for Jira
      Hangouts Chat for Confluence
      Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards
      Comment History Log for Jira
      Project Role Members for Jira
      Snipe-IT for Jira
      Gebsun Recurring Tasks for Jira Cloud
      Add Issue on Transition for Jira Cloud
      Agile Issue Printer
      Automated Log Work for Jira
      Team Worklog Reports
      Hide Time Tracking for Jira Cloud
      SoftwarePlant BigPicture - Project Management & PPM
      BigGantt - Gantt Chart for Jira
      BigTemplate - Export to PDF, Word, Excel
      yasoon Outlook Calendars for Confluence
      Outlook Email for Jira
      Outlook Email for Jira Lite
      Outlook Meetings for Jira
      yasoon Connect for Jira
      Geekminds Calendar for Jira
      Starware Apiary Confluence Integration
      Similar Issues Finder for Cloud
      beecom JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows
      Hindsight Software Ltd  Behave Pro
      ALM Works Structure - Project Management at Scale
      Deviniti Issue SYNC - Synchronization for Jira
      Issue Templates for Jira
      Queues for Jira Service Desk
      Extension for Jira Service Desk
      Ricksoft, Inc. Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira
      WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira
      Communardo Products GmbH SubSpace Navigation for Confluence
      Midori Global Consulting Kft. Better PDF Exporter for Jira
      StonikByte Great Gadgets for Jira Cloud
      Project Team for Jira Cloud
      Chief Technology Solutions News for Confluence Cloud
      Snapbytes Comment Enhancer App
      Railsware Smart Checklist for Jira
      Enterprise Smart Checklist for Jira
      Free Pivotal Tracker connector for Jira
      Everit Kft. Timetracker - Time Tracking & Reporting
      EliteSoft JSON Viewer & Editor
      Open API (Swagger) Editor for Confluence
      Tempo Tempo Timesheets
      Tempo Planner
      Tempo Base plugin
      Tempo Connect: QuickBooks Online
      Riada Insight - Asset Management
      eXtensi Twitter Connector for Confluence
      APTIS GmbH Epic Sum Up
      Epic Sum Up - Light
      Bolo Software LaTeX Math
      LaTeX Math Lite
      Oboard OKR Board for Jira
      Digital Toucan JQL Search Extensions for Jira & reports
      Panorama hierarchy & structure for Jira
      Panorama Lite for Jira
      Goals for Jira
      Mibex Software GmbH Beautiful Math for Confluence
      Jupyter/IPython Viewer for Confluence
      Include Bitbucket for Confluence
      Old Street Solutions Approval Path for Jira
      Custom Charts for Jira
      Custom Jira Charts for Confluence
      External Share for Confluence
      External Share for Jira
      Sketch for Confluence
      Artemis Software Copy Space for Confluence
      Copy Page Tree
      HTML Macro for Confluence Cloud
      Automation Consultants Optimizer for Jira
      Pulse Analytics for Jira Free
      Pulse Analytics for Jira Pro
      Approvals for Confluence
      Compliance for Confluence
      Votes for Confluence
      Decadis AG sumUp for Jira
      Jira Workflow Toolbox


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