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      Atlassian status as of March 2020

      Hi all,

      I'm excited to share that in Bitbucket Server 7.0 we shipped redesigned and optimized pull request page with several improvements you’ve been asking us for a long time. One of the improvements is the new tasks, which can now be created without parent comment. New tasks essentially are resolvable comments.

      Please, don't hesitate to leave feedback on the feature in the comments below. We would like to know if new tasks solve your problems. 

      You can find more information in the Bitbucket Server 7.0 release notes and Pull Requests documentation.

      Anton Genkin
      Product Manager Bitbucket Server

      Original description

      While Pull Request is in progress then users make some comments with always the same types. Like:
      1. Thanks, will fix it.
      2. Fixed
      3. Agree, +1, etc
      4. Disagree, -1, etc
      5. Good code, Thumb!, etc

      Will nice to have API to attach some meta information to comments. Such as karma-points, smiles, statuses (Fixed, Thanks, Readed, Accepted, etc).


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