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Sub-task CLOUD-11908

CLOUD-10910 Convert Sandbox into Production and Vice-Versa

Unassigned Gabriel Senna Low Open Unresolved 0
Sub-task CLOUD-11581

CLOUD-10910 Ability to disable/control Sandbox Notifications

Unassigned Marcelo B Low Open Unresolved 53
Sub-task CLOUD-11520

CLOUD-10910 Ability to do a partial copy of Confluence data from production to sandbox

Shayka Zarrin santiago Low Closed Fixed 10
Sub-task CLOUD-11482

CLOUD-10910 Support users managed by an external directory in Jira during Sandbox Data Copy

Unassigned Greice Faustino (Inactive) Low Open Unresolved 2
Sub-task CLOUD-11481

CLOUD-10910 Logging details for Sandbox copy

Matt Roche Giuliano C.   Open Unresolved 7
Sub-task CLOUD-11386

CLOUD-10910 Improve error handling when Copy to Sandbox fails if uncompressed XML file size is over 20GB

Unassigned Gabriele Franck Low Closed Fixed 5
Sub-task CLOUD-11376

CLOUD-10910 Ability to copy the permissions only from the Sandbox creator in the import from production to sandbox

Unassigned Gabi Paludo Low Open Unresolved 3
Sub-task CLOUD-11258

CLOUD-10910 Ability to copy marketplace apps' data from production to sandbox

Shruti Narayan Ruchi Tandon   Open Unresolved 142
Sub-task CLOUD-11254

CLOUD-10910 Ability to copy Assets Data to Sandbox

Rishikesh . Atiqah Roslan Low Open Unresolved 444
Sub-task CLOUD-11245

CLOUD-10910 Ability to see sandbox events in admin audit log

Maggie Pedersen Matt Tse Medium Closed Deployed 3
Sub-task CLOUD-11243

CLOUD-10910 Ability to enable Global Mail Settings - Email puller on Sandbox

jaikibpitt Greice Faustino (Inactive)   Open Unresolved 40
Sub-task CLOUD-11225

CLOUD-10910 Allow scheduled basis copies of Data from Production into Sandbox

Shruti Narayan Raf (Inactive)   Open Unresolved 21
Sub-task CLOUD-11212

CLOUD-10910 Improved visibility of errors/logging when attempting to Copy Data to Sandbox.

Unassigned Greice Faustino (Inactive) Low Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task CLOUD-11209

CLOUD-10910 Ability to keep sandbox synced with production data

Unassigned Giuliano C. Low Open Unresolved 130
Sub-task CLOUD-11161

CLOUD-10910 Data copied from production to sandbox does not include the Jira automation rule data

Kaleb Mccall (Inactive) Ramon M   Open Unresolved 131
Sub-task CLOUD-11155

CLOUD-10910 Ability to do a partial copy of Jira

Shayka Zarrin Veera (Inactive) High Closed Fixed 55
Sub-task CLOUD-11150

CLOUD-10910 Ability to push data from sandbox to production

Shruti Narayan Ratnarup High In Progress Unresolved 646
Sub-task CLOUD-11118

CLOUD-10910 Multiple Sandboxes

Swaroop Patchipulusu Marc Koppelaar   In Progress Unresolved 947
Sub-task CLOUD-11104

CLOUD-10910 Ability to create & delete a sandbox

Unassigned Matt Tse Low Closed Done 0
Sub-task CLOUD-11103

CLOUD-10910 Ability to reset a sandbox

Shruti Narayan Matt Tse Low Open Unresolved 43
Sub-task CLOUD-11102

CLOUD-10910 Ability to copy data from production to sandbox

Matt Tse Matt Tse Low Closed Done 65