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SourceTree Enterprise: "failed to check login for user"



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed (View Workflow)
    • High
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 2.5.5
    • 3.0.3
    • Bitbucket
    • Software versions:

      • Windows 7 Enterprise
      • Internet Explorer 11.0.51
      • SourceTree Enterprise 2.5.5
      • .Net Framework 4.7.1
      • Bitbucket Server 5.9.1
    • Severity 1 - Critical


      Issue description

      I installed SourceTree Enterprise and attempted to login to my local Bitbucket Server installation. The login fails with the message "failed to check login for user [


      The log has the following entries:
      ERROR [timestamp] [1] [SourceTree.Exceptions.RemoteHostException] [.ctor] - Insufficient authentication credentials
      ERROR [timestamp] [1] [SourceTree.Exceptions.RemoteHostException] [.ctor] - Failed to check login for user [{username}


      The root URL ( "https://{server}.{domain}/{context}/" ), username and password are the same ones I use when successfully logging into Bitbucket in Internet Explorer on the same PC.

      My username does not include any special characters such as the '@' symbol.

      I have tried the suggestions in the following:

      What additional authentication credentials should be supplied, and how?

      It seems rather over the top to raise a bug when I suspect all I'm missing is some documentation on how to set SourceTree up correctly, but I can't seem to find anything and the community question I raised hasn't received any responses (https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Sourcetree-questions/SourceTree-Enterprise-quot-failed-to-check-login-for-user-quot/qaq-p/810106).


      As of Sourcetree for Windows v2.5.5, it appears that the login to local Bitbucket Server instance will fail with "failed to check login for user [


      ]" when Bitbucket Server is on a context path (e.g. https://internal.mysite.com/bitbucket).

      Work around

      1. Use Sourcetree for Windows v2.4.8.0; or
      2. Temporarily drop the context path by changing the Base URL of Bitbucket to say just https://internal.mysite.com. e.g.
        • Update reverse proxy from "/bitbucket" -> http://<bitbucketserver>:<port>/bitbucket to "/" -> http://<bitbucketserver>:<port>/
        • Deleted the server.context-path line out of bitbucket.properties
        • Updated the Bitbucket Administration » Base URL to just https://internal.mysite.com
        • Restart Bitbucket
        • Perform the login into Sourcetree and hopefully it succeeds this time
        • Once all the users have installed Sourcetree, you can revert Bitbucket back to the Context Path /bitbucket
        • Now that you are in Sourcetree, you should be able to Clone a REPO from https://internal.mysite.com/bitbucket and do all things branch, commit, push, pull, etc...


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