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Duplicate Sprint names causes multiple issues with teams



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      We constantly run into issues where Team A using sprint name Iteration 1 and Team B uses the same name but on 2 different sprints. This causes teams to not be able to start/complete sprints since the owners of Team A are not on Team B. The only way around this we have found is to have team remove the unstarted sprint and recreate it with a new name or have a JIRA Administrator complete/start it for them since we have access to all projects. We even had an issue today where 1 planned sprint had the same name created as an active sprint on a different board. When the planned sprint was attempted to be started it could not start. When they renamed the planned sprint it renamed the active sprint. They had to delete the planned sprint and start over just to get back this but there was not indication of the issue in the UI. I was able to see this in the database.

      We a way to enforce/correct the use of duplicate sprint names so it does not occur on current/future sprints?


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