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Service Desk functionality fails with error 'You need to be a Service Desk Agent to access this page' after restoring cloud backup to server




      Atlassian Update: 21 November 2016

      We have identified number of issues why the import problem are not resolved for the Service Desk projects.

      Team has identified 2 separate issues:

      • Service Desk permissions lost when importing CloudData into Server
      • Service Desk throws NullPointer exception when projects with mail channels is imported from the Cloud JSD-4190


      Service Desk permissions lost when importing CloudData into Server

      This issue was planned to be shipped with 7.2.3 release and that's when issue got resolved. After number of issue comments I've reopened the issue. Root cause analysis identified that JIRA Service Desk 7.2.3 / Service Desk Application, in fact has, not shipped the code changes that addresses the fix.

      We have addressed this issue and upcoming JIRA Service Desk 7.2.5 and Service Desk application 3.2.5 will be shipping all the necessary changes.


      Service Desk throws NullPointer exception when projects with mail channels is imported from the Cloud

      This issue has been discovered later, and identified as a separate issue and tracked as JSD-4190.
      The fix for this is included in JIRA Service Desk 7.2.5 and Service Desk application 3.2.5


      Service Desk throws NullPointerException when request types are missing the ICON_ID

      This issue has been discovered in certain customer data sets. Issue is tracked as JSD-4227. The fix for this is scheduled for Service Desk application 3.2.6.


       Atlassian Support can provide a workaround for the cases described in JSD-4190, and JSD-4227 please contact the team if upgrading or waiting for 7.2.5 is not an option. These requests can be raised at http://support.atlassian.com


      JIRA Bugmaster.



      After restoring backup from Cloud, viewing a Service Desk project will be restricted with message Snap! You can't view this page You need to be a Service Desk Agent to access this page.


      • You are restricted from viewing all Service Desk related project administration settings (Request types, Request security, Portal settings etc until Automation) despite you are an Agent and Admin who should be able to do so
      • In each Service Desk Project Permission Scheme, the Service Desk Agent project permission is missing.
      • Buttons for Queues, Customers, Reports etc are missing from the project navigation bar (left panel)
      • In JIRA Administration > Applications, the section for JIRA Service Desk's Configuration and Email requests is also missing
      • In atlassian-servicedesk.log or atlassian-jira.log while browsing the Service Desk project, error below is seen
        2016-08-31 19:03:16,901 JiraImportTaskExecutionThread-1 INFO admin 1136x5153x1 yt6xtk 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 /secure/admin/XmlRestore.jspa [servicedesk.bootstrap.lifecycle.PluginLifeCycle] Enabling ServiceDesk mail channels...
        2016-08-31 19:03:17,169 JiraImportTaskExecutionThread-1 ERROR admin 1136x5153x1 yt6xtk 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 /secure/admin/XmlRestore.jspa [atlassian.servicedesk.bootstrap.lifecycle] 
        	at scala.Predef$.Long2long(Predef.scala:358)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.internal.feature.emailchannel.emailplatform.EmailChannelSetting$.toModel(EmailChannelSetting.scala:30)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.internal.feature.emailchannel.emailplatform.EmailChannelSettingManager.com$atlassian$servicedesk$internal$feature$emailchannel$emailplatform$EmailChannelSettingManager$$toSettingModel(EmailChannelSettingManager.scala:124)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.internal.feature.emailchannel.emailplatform.EmailChannelSettingManager$$anonfun$getEmailChannelSettings$1.apply(EmailChannelSettingManager.scala:105)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.internal.feature.emailchannel.emailplatform.EmailChannelSettingManager$$anonfun$getEmailChannelSettings$1.apply(EmailChannelSettingManager.scala:105)
        	at scala.collection.immutable.List.map(List.scala:273)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.internal.feature.emailchannel.emailplatform.EmailChannelSettingManager.getEmailChannelSettings(EmailChannelSettingManager.scala:105)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.bootstrap.lifecycle.SDMailChannelInitializer.updateSDMailChannels(SDMailChannelInitializer.java:48)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.bootstrap.lifecycle.SDMailChannelInitializer.enableSDMailChannels(SDMailChannelInitializer.java:41)
        	at com.atlassian.servicedesk.bootstrap.lifecycle.PluginLifeCycle.runPluginStartupSideEffectsImpl(PluginLifeCycle.java:201)

      Steps to Reproduce the Problem

      1. Restore a backup from Cloud into JIRA 7.2.x and Service Desk 3.2.x.
      2. Navigate to an existing Service Desk project, or create a new Service Desk project.
      3. Click on the Project Settings button and click to view Request types or other Service Desk related project administration settings.


      This same symptom can also be caused by JSD-4190, specifically if JIRA Service Desk cannot fully start up, certain functionality will work and others not work. It will appear as installed, but these same behaviours fail. Please verify if you're affected by JSD-4190 as it may be that bug instead.


      Upon restoring a Cloud backup, running the following SQL queries to delete the Cloud-related email channels will help recover the Agent permission:

      • For PostgreSQL:
        1. delete from "AO_54307E_EMAILCHANNELSETTING" where "ON_DEMAND" = 't';
        2. delete from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILHANDLER" where "MAIL_CHANNEL_ID" not in (select "ID" from "AO_54307E_EMAILCHANNELSETTING") or "HANDLER_TYPE" = 'CONNECTIONFAILUREHANDLER';
        3. delete from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILCHANNEL" where "MAIL_CONNECTION_ID" in (select "ID" from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILCONNECTION" where "EMAIL_ADDRESS" like '%atlassian.net');
        4. delete from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILCONNECTION" where "EMAIL_ADDRESS" like '%atlassian.net';
      • For other database types:
        1. delete from AO_54307E_EMAILCHANNELSETTING where ON_DEMAND = 1;
        3. delete from AO_2C4E5C_MAILCHANNEL where MAIL_CONNECTION_ID in (select ID from AO_2C4E5C_MAILCONNECTION where EMAIL_ADDRESS like '%atlassian.net');
        4. delete from AO_2C4E5C_MAILCONNECTION where EMAIL_ADDRESS like '%atlassian.net';


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