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Provide the ability to append timestamps to attachment names to avoid image display problems when attachments have the same name



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Note : This feature request is created as an extension to JRA-2169 since JIRA and JSD is using a different mail handler. It will be desirable to have this feature implemented for both JEPP and JIRA Mail Handler, hence the creation of this feature request ticket.

      Current Situation

      When an image/attachments with the similar file name is being attached to a comment. The previous comment with inline image/attachments will be pointed to the latest updated image.

      Notice - this applies also to attachments pasted directly from the clipboard (i.e. take a screen shot 1, then paste into the attachment area of the ticket, then take another screen shot and paste into the same area; while at first the thumbnails will look different, on hitting 'submit' button the thumbnails will change to show only 1 attachment)

      Use Case

      At a support/helpdesk environment, user does not have control over the mail client that the customers use. Which in most of the case, image/attachments are pasted directly to the body of the mail or in the ticket on the customer portal, causing the default file naming to be identical (image.png) and this causes that all the previous thumbnails added will change to the latest image added with that name.

      This has seriously crippled the usability of JIRA as the old comments (with similar file name) no longer represents the state that it should be in.

      To add to the pain, the incoming mail is being deleted upon creation. That removed the reference to track back and it causes confusion especially on a long running case where 4-5 inline image is added. They can only rely on the time recorded when the issue is added to reference it back.

      Proposed Solution

      To have the ability to configure the attachments to be appended with time stamp, there should be a toggle in project level so that user get to choose if this only applies to specific projects or to generate a random name for each image pasted.


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