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Allow Request Participants role / group to be added to Issue Security Schemes and Project Permissions



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.


      When using issue security in a Service Desk project, Request Participants are unable to view the issue at all



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Service Desk project
      2. Create a new Issue Security Scheme
      3. Create a new ticket and assign it the Issue Security level in your Issue Security Scheme
      4. Add a second user as a Request Participant on the ticket that is not part of the Issue Security Scheme
      5. That user should receive an email
      6. Click on the link in the email

      Expected Results

      The user should be able to view the ticket they are a Request Participant on

      Actual Results

      The user can only see the main portal and not the issue he/she has been added as a Request Participant on


      In this use case, it would be helpful if there was a way to add a Request Participants group / role to the Issue Security Scheme so that when people are invited to partake in a ticket, they are able to see the ticket within the Service Desk project.

      The same issue applies to project permissions, as the field "Request Participants" can't be associated to any project permission.


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