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Allow to bulk change "Request participants"


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Jira Service Management Data Center. Using Jira Service Management Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.


      There is no feature to bulk edit the "Request Participants" of a JIRA Service Desk Issue. Instead, when users attempt to edit the field using Bulk Edit, they experience an error stating "Bulk editing is not supported for Service Desk Request participants.". When users need to change the "Request participants" of multiple issues, they need to do it manually one by one.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Search for some Service Desk Issues
      2. Attempt to use the Bulk Edit > Edit feature
      3. Observe that there is no way to update the "Request Participants" as it is listed as an "Unavailable Action"

      Expected Results

      The ability to update the "Request Participants" field should be possible.

      Actual Results

      No such functionality exists in the product.


      A possible workaround could be to use the REST API, or SQL directly on the JIRA Database. Note that Atlassian does not support customers performing direct data manipulation of application databases via queries such as INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE, as they can easily lead to data integrity problems. If Atlassian encounters manipulation or customisations at this level, we may ask customers to restore data from their last known working state, or to engage an Expert to help recover their instance to a supportable state. If you are confident your UPDATE or INSERT is safe and your change management system is reliable, refer to the specific product's database documentation.

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