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      Update from Atlassian Team 07/03/21
      Hey all, I have disappointing news for all of you. This work has been paused in order to focus on performance improvements and other accessibility initiatives. We still believe this is still highly important work and we understand the impact this is having on some of our customers. Unfortunately we do not have an estimate on when it will resume. This is a hard update to make as it comes after the 4 year anniversary of this ticket; nonetheless, we want to ensure that all of you are informed.

      This change in direction has been made centrally in our Design System which will lead to improvements across many properties, but in the meantime it affects Jira’s ability to roll out dark mode directly. That doesn’t remove the sting of this for those of us who are passionate about dark mode, but know that the decision from our leaders was made with the customer in mind. When Design System has capacity to pick this up again, myself or whoever owns the work at the time will update all of you - Jake

      Suggestion: Suggesting a simple, built-in dark theme that can be enabled from Settings. Simple colour scheme change to make it easier on the eyes.


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