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Allow turning off sharing request with Organization by default



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.



      You can find the functionality to enable/disable sharing default behaviour in "Project settings > Customer permissions".

      UPDATE: 7th October 2020

      Hello all! Am happy to share that we have now actively picked up this ticket and will be resolving it shortly. Will provide another update when we're done. 

      Thanks for all those who offered to talk to us, we've spoken to some folks and are good to go with the solution for this problem.

      Be in touch soon

      Liron and Jira Service Desk team 


      Problem Definition

      The customer creates an issue (without paying attention to the bottom of the customer portal) and this issue is being shared within their organization.

      Suggested Solution

      1. To turn off the Request Sharing within the user's Organization.
      2. To change the default setting: Private or Shared
      for the issues being created via both the email channel and the customer portal.


      Create a "dummy" organization and add all customers to it, so when raising a ticket through the customer portal the private will be the default. When customers have only one organization, the default is to share with the organization and when the customers have two or more organizations, the default is private.

      • Side effect of this workaround: all customers will have access to each other's ticket since they are part of the same organization. You can simply create an issue security scheme with the following option and defaulting to it on creation:
        Security Level:
        Private View
        Description: Customers can access issues only they raised regardless of Organizations. Roles/Groups Applicable to Current assignee, Project Role (Service Desk Team), Reporter, (Any other group/project role that requires access to the ticket)

      If a customer wants to share with an organization, they must request it from the Service Desk (e.g. in the ticket saying I want to share it with my organization) and the agent can simply edit the security level dropdown in the ticket to set it None. The ticket will still be logged within the organization and available for reporting.


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