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As an admin I would like option to re-send an invitation email to a customer



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Product update 5 March 2021

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your votes and feedback on this issue. In the interests of being clear and transparent; although being a future roadmap consideration, this feature is not on our near term roadmap.

      I will look to update it again in roughly 6 months time.




      When a customer already exists in a Service Desk, if I re-invite them using an email address, nothing happens. It will be silently ignored.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the 'Customers' page in a Service Desk
      2. Invite a customer, by clicking 'Invite', enter an email and click 'Send invites'
        • The invite will be sent
      3. Do the same process again with the same email address

      Expected Results


      • A new invite email is send (if this process was done twice, is most likely because the first one didn't work) or warn the user that a customer with that email already exists and no email will be sent.
      • No invite is sent, but I receive a message informing me this user is already a customer, but would I like to resend the invitation to this Service Desk


      Depending on the type of invitation:

      • The initial invitation containing the link to set a password will only ever be sent once, when the user is initially created. After this time, the Forgot password link can be used.
      • Invitations to different Service Desks send a new invite email each time, and these are what can be re-sent.


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