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    • We collect Jira feedback from various sources, and we evaluate what we've collected when planning our product roadmap. To understand how this piece of feedback will be reviewed, see our Implementation of New Features Policy.

      Atlassian Update – 25 February 2020


      Thank you all for your feedback. When we determine whether to build a feature for Server and Data Center or Data Center-only, we look for two things:

      • Is this feature solving a large pain point for enterprise customers who have challenges at scale?
      • Is this feature primarily for admins?

      We prioritize improvements to each deployment option according to the specific needs of our customers. For more details, see this blog post.

      We primarily see archiving requested by enterprise customers that have large instances and need performance at scale. While we recognize that smaller customers would also benefit from it, the majority of the value lies in helping enterprises challenged with optimizing performance at scale, which is why it is a DC-only feature.

      As a Jira Server customer, depending on your use case, a manual way of achieving similar results as archiving could be by exporting data as outlined here.

      We understand it can be frustrating to not have access to some Data Center-only features as a Server customer, and we really appreciate your feedback. We value your opinion and encourage you to continue voting for features you'd like to see on jira.atlassian.com.


      Jira Server and Data Center product management


      Jira gets extremely cluttered by old 'archived' projects. Please allow someway to archive projects in Jira Standalone Server.

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