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Changing the Component Lead of an existing Component throws 'the user <username> does not exist' on save due to mismatch in user key and username



      Cannot set usernames with upper case letters as Component Leads for existing components.


      • Use of upper- or mixed case for the logon name (username);

      Steps to Reproduce using Active Directory

      1. Create a username with upper- or mixed case in AD. For example: ROCKY;
      2. Sync the directory to JIRA;
      3. Create a component in any project - under Project Settings > Components and any user as the Lead;
      4. Once the component is created, click Edit under the 'Actions' menu;
      5. Search for the user created in AD to be the Component Lead;
      6. Save;

      Expected Results

      User should be assigned as Component Lead.

      Actual Results

      When saving the user, it will throw an error:

      The user <username> does not exist.


      • This error only affects editing Component Leads. Creating a new component using a mixed case Component Lead will work as expected.
      • The problem affects Internal Directory users with mixed cases as well.


      Use the JIRA REST API to edit the component and update the Component Lead:

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