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Inconsistent behavior with contains operator



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Test was performed on 5.2.7 with no plugins. It was done only against the summary field.

      Test issue summary was: "Test_1234"

      1. summary ~ 'test_1234' - Full match with underscore WORKS.
      2. summary ~ 'test_123' - Partial match with underscore FAILS.
      3. summary ~ 'test_123*' - Partial match with underscore and wildcard WORKS.
      4. summary ~ 'test_' - Partial match with no trailing characters after the underscore returns many issues which do not contain an underscore, one that does "Test Test _ Test Test", but not the one we want. FAILS.
      5. summary ~ 'test_*' - Partial match with a wildcard WORKS.
      6. summary ~ 'est_1234'- Partial match with missing leading characters. FAILS.
      7. summary ~ 'est' - Partial match with missing leading characters and no underscore. FAILS.
      8. summary ~ '*est' - Leading wildcards are prohibited by the system.

      I kind of understand 6 and 7 not working because we only claim to perform "simple derivatives of that word" in https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Advanced+Searching#AdvancedSearching-CONTAINS:~ but in concert with test 8, it means that you can not do any kind of mid word matching.

      Tests 2 and 4 seem to meet the requirement of "simple derivatives of that word" in that it is a string with a number of values removed from the end. How do we distinguish between test 4 failing, vs test 5 working?

      Test 4 also shows that the underscore "_" character is not being correctly handler by Lucene as it brings up a number of issues where "test" is mentioned in the summary but no underscore is present.

      Consistency in the behavior of this operator should be improved.


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