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Option to extend the width of a custom field or provide tooltip that displays full details


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      Issue Summary

      If the value of single/multi select custom field is too long it is truncated and difficult to read. It is more problematic when values of custom field has same prefix.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a custom field of type "single select" or "multi select"
      2. Add list of similar options.
      3. Add the field to screens.
      4. Now create a issue or edit an existing where field created step#1 is present.

      As we can see in the example screenshot below it difficult to identified the value of each options.


      There should be an option to extend the width of custom field, or horizontal scroll bar or tooltip so users easily identify what they are selecting.


      Put the field in the issue layout's Description fields, not the Context fields section. This will at least give you more characters before the option name is cut off:


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