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In the new issue view, create sub-task does not open dialog box


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      Issue Summary

      The new "Issue detail view" does not open the dialog box when creating a sub-task

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set a required field in a Jira project
      2. Navigate to the appropriate board
      3. Select an issue and hit to create a sub-task, it will create as inline create issue
      4. Create more than one sub-task

      Expected Results

      • Should open dialog box instead of the inline create issue

      Actual Results

      • The second sub-task isn't created and it shows an error message

      Note: users may create one sub-task but it fails to create the second one.


      • Navigate to your profile(https://<instance_name>.atlassian.net/secure/ViewProfile.jspa) and disable "Issue detail view"; this is a per-user setting(each end user will need to make this change themselves)
      • To create a subsequent subtask, use Create another option in the first subtask issue creation screen whenever feasible or the parent task needs to be refreshed.

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