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Custom date/time format setting not respected when editting a date picker custom field in New Issue View


      Atlassian Update
      👋 As we believe this is a valid use case, we don't have an immediate solution for it in the new issue view. While we are working with the relevant teams to re-evaluate this sitting and if we will keep supporting this capability, please refer to the workaround which by using the old issue view for now.


      Editing a custom date picker does not respect the date/format settings and shows "Sunday" and first day of week despite having the "Look and feel" option set for Monday to be start of week.


      • New Jira issue view

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Configure a custom date/time format as shown here
      2. Navigate to an issue and edit a date picker field > Click on the calendar icon

      Expected Results

      • Custom date/time formats should display in the date picker field
        Appears as custom date format example:

      Actual Results

      • The format always appears as "yyyy/mm/dd h:mm a" with Sunday as first day of week
        Appears as in the New issue view as:
        Appears in old issue view as:


      Turn off the new issue view by clicking your avatar(bottom left corner of Jira) > Personal settings. Under "Jira labs" - turn off the toggle switch:
      Direct path: https://<instance_name>.atlassian.net/secure/ViewPersonalSettings.jspa

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