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Not possible to remote link Jira issues using Application Links (AppLinks) in new Jira issue view


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      Update from Product team

      We are actively working on this feature, and will soon be looking for users to try it out.

      If you work in an instance that relies on remote issue links, we would love to hear from you.

      Please complete the following Google Form and we will be in-touch shortly.



      • After creating application link, one of the expected benefits of this feature is to be able to link Jira issues on your cloud site to the other cloud site.
      • Currently, the new issue view does not provide the old option to select the server and link to a Jira issue from another cloud site.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an application link with another Jira cloud site.
      2. Try to link a Jira issue from your cloud site to the other cloud site.

      Expected Results

      • In the old issue view we used to have the option to select the server then link the issue from the other cloud site.

      Actual Results

      • In the new issue view we don't have anymore the option to select the server.
      • We cannot link the issue from the other cloud site.



      Disable the new issue view. For that follow the steps below:

      1. Select your avatar and choose Personal settings
      2. Turn off the New Jira issue view toggle under Labs
      3. Reload the page in order to see the classic view instead where this functionality exists

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