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Phabricator third party software remote links works only in the old issue view


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      Atlassian Update - 28 July 2021

      Hi everyone,
      Thank you again for your patience. We will be rolling out an improvement to this problem in upcoming days/week. Here are the expected changes coming your way as a result of the roll-out
      • All external links that used to be missing when switching from old to new view should now be visible
      • Phabricator links will be grouped under text “Phabricator” instead of text “Implemented in”. This is true for other links. We will no longer group applications by relationships, but rather by application name (such change aims to make it more explicit to users what type of app/link is being grouped together, because the current text of "implemented in" is a free-text field defined by each app individually)
      • Links will be sorted old to new, the same pattern in the current “Web links” section of the new issue view
      • Links are now displayed in a paginated manner, starting with 10 links and then 50 more, each time “Show more” is clicked.
      • New limit: There will be a 1000 link limit on the overall number of visible external links

      Atlassian Cloud Team|


      We have this feature request JRACLOUD-70833 to fix the external links in the new issue view but this is not including third party links like Phabricator, this ticket is to add that possibility, the old issue view will not be available on March 31, 2021, so it will be good if this is added before that.

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