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"All" transitions are displayed as "Transition to" in the New Issue View



      Currently, the New Issue View displays the names of the transition alongside the names of the statuses where the issue will be set. If you add a status that can be accessible by all others in a workflow (an ALL transition), the name of the transition will be shown as "Transition to" instead of just show the status where it is going to.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to a project.
      2. Add a status to a workflow.
      3. Check Allow all statuses to transition to this one.
      4. Publish the workflow.
      5. Go to an issue using the New Issue View.

      Expected Results

      Preference would be for transition names to show instead of Transition to at the Status selection drop-down

      Actual Results

      The names of the transitions are displayed as "Transition to", as shown in the screenshot below:


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