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Wiki Style Renderer does not work for custom Single Line Text fields


      Atlassian Update - 2 September 2021

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.

      Our investigation discovered a high degree of complexity to enable rich text support for single line custom fields. The team with the expertise required to do this work, is currently working on a range of performance improvements. Since the usage of single line text fields is low, we’ve decided to prioritise performance improvements (which impacts more people). As a result, we have decided not to support rich text (either wiki markup or markdown) in single line custom fields in the new issue view. We do however have other custom fields that offer rich text (more details below). We will make some minor changes to make this clear in the product.

      What we will be changing

      We will rollout the following changes over the next week:

      • “Text Field (Single Line)” will be renamed to “Short text (plain text only)”
      • “Text Field (Multi-Line)” will be renamed to “Paragraph (supports rich text)”
      • We will also introduce text wrapping for single line custom fields (currently, text will truncate when a character limit is reached)

      Other custom fields available

      There are two other custom fields we recommend using if rich text is required in the new issue view:

      • “URL Field” - if all you need is to display a web URL as a hyperlink.
      • “Paragraph” (formerly Text Field (multi line)) - if you want more rich text functionality, including links to URLs, styling text with bold, colour and/or italics, or anything else available in the Atlassian editor.

      The above fields can also be used for automations and ecosystem apps and will support rich text available through markdown. 

      We acknowledge that the above changes will require some of you to spend time and effort re-configuring your project/s and we do apologise for this inconvenience caused.

      As this issue refers specifically to the support of wiki markup, we will be closing this ticket. The decision was made a number of years ago to replace wiki markup with full markdown support. You can refer to our public comms on this here

      The Atlassian Cloud team



      When creating a custom field, regardless of what is configured it uses the Default Text Renderer in Bento.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a single line custom field 
      2. Set the renderer to Wiki Style and add the field to a Screen

      Expected Results

      The formatting is rendered

      Actual Results

      The format is not rendered and the contents of the field are displayed in the Default text


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