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Set Status in Create Issue



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      Hello everyone,

      We wanted to inform you that we have been gradually rolling out the "Status field in the Create Issue window" feature to our product in order to gather feedback and make sure that no breaking changes occur. We value your input and want to ensure that the feature meets your needs and expectations.

      We heard from some of you that changing the status field during issue creation may sometimes compete with automation you’ve set up, and admins may need an option to disable the field which will completely remove it from the Create issue. Please note, doing so will disable it across all projects in your instance.

      1. Go to Settings > System.
      2. Select Edit Settings.
      3. Scroll to Options and choose the settings you’d like to turn on or off.
      4. Select Update to save your changes.

      If you haven't seen this update yet, rest assured that you should be able to see it available by the end of this month. However, please note that customers in release tracks will need more time to see the change on their instances.

      Thank you for your patience and continued support. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the feature.


      Amira Badran
      Product Manager, Jira Software Team  


      Setting an initial status for a particular Issue during creation currently involves finding and editing the issue again.  A status dropdown should be an option for the Create Issue page because the default workflow status is not always appropriate.  For example, most of my stories go directly into the backlog, except for adhoc stories that need to go right into In Progress.


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