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Can't type in fields when transitioning





      When you have configured a validator in a workflow transition (that requires the comment field filled) and associate a screen (with a text field) to it, you won't be able to type in the field when the screen pops-up during the transition if you perform it by directly changing the status in the new issue details view.


      Jira Software Cloud.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Creating the environment (the same as the one that affected the customer):
      1. Create a screen with only the Comment field on it (create the screen and remove every field from it's configuration);
      2. Create a Field is required validator in a transition and associate the screen previously created with it;
      • Executing:
        • If you try the transition by directly changing the status in the issue detail view (Labs active), it won't let you type in the comment field:

        • If you drag and drop the card in the board, it works correctly;
        • If you go to the issue view page and try performing the transition from there, it works too.

      Expected Results

      You should be able to type in the field and perform the transition.

      Actual Results

      You are not able to type in the field.

      The following triggers when trying the transition (browser inspect):

      This one is showing up before performing the action (click on the console error link):  {"errorMessages":["key not found: 'hasInteractedWithFeedbackButton'"],"errors":{}}


      Using the card drag and drop, and going directly to the issue page will work correctly.


      • Turns out that it can affect any text field, and it does not really have to be the only field in the screen. But it won't be possible to type in it during the transition even if there is no validator in the workflow related to that same field.
      • Fields are greyed out and unable to edit/change the value


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