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Field Management / BIG layout improvement


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As Atlassian's team is currently working on fieldmanagement for 3.2 it could had the following improvement : the ability to define the "size" (width, heigth or number of items, ...) of fields when displayed.

      Actually, the only hack is to modify some JSP's or .vm files (templates). It's a pain.

      For EACH FIELD (system & custom) and depending on its type, it should be possible to define its display "properties", for example :

      • type = free text : width and height
      • type = multi-select : width and number of items (height) to display in the list
      • type = text field : width
      • type = cascading select : width and number of items to display in the list
      • type = multi-checkboxes : items displayed vertically / items displayed horizontally + number of columns
      • type = number fields : format (99999.99, 9999.0, 9999, 0000, .....)
      • type = radio buttons : like multi-checkboxes

      And last but not least, for fieldtype allowing "none" value it should be possible to specify that "none" value is not allowed -> a default value should be mandatory

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