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Sub-issues should be able to contain their own sub-issues



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update – 17 June 2022

      Hi all,

      The Jira Software Premium edition now allows you to create as many levels as you like above epic, with as many issue types as you like at each level, this applies to all company-managed projects in your Jira Software instance. See our guide here on setting up your issue hierarchy above epic.

      For those who want a custom issue hierarchy per project, there is a third party plugin available Structure

      For those trying to implement a SAFe issue hierarchy (Story -> Feature -> Epic) we have an upcoming feature called Epic Renaming aimed at addressing this use case.

      Creating levels below sub-tasks is not in our plans at the moment, we hope the above solutions are sufficient to help you structure your work.

      Rohan Swami
      Jira Software Product Manager

      Original request description:

      As a JIRA user I need more hierarchical organisation of tasks. As of today JIRA offers only a two-level hierarchy (if installed without plugins): stories and subtasks. But in reality the process of resolving issues can be much more complicated. During the process of analysis a simple story can be broken into a number of sub-tasks. And then each of the sub-tasks may be consequently broken into a set of even more granular entities. JIRA does not support an easy way of handling multiple levels of hierarchy in a natural way and the available workarounds require additional steps which render the solution suboptimal.


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