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Navigating to Roadmap from Custom Room Causes Left Navigation Bar Disappearance


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      Issue Summary

      Upon navigating from a Custom Room to the Roadmap section, users encounter a critical issue where the left navigation bar disappears. Simultaneously, the Roadmap prompts the user to select a period, rendering them unable to make a choice due to the missing left navigation.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Clear browser cache.
      2. Select one Custom Room from the "Custom Rooms" drop-down.
      3. Wait until the page loads. Select any child-room from the "child rooms widget."
      4. Wait until the room loads. Select one PI (Release) from the left menu (change it to anything other than "all time").
      5. Wait until the page updates. Check if the capabilities, features stories, etc., are loading successfully.
      6. If everything is loaded, select "Roadmaps" from the left-side menu.
      7. Observe the page crash and the left menu disappearing.

      Expected Results

      The page should load the "Roadmaps" section without any errors, and the left menu should remain visible.

      Actual Results

      The page crashes when selecting "Roadmaps," and the left menu disappears. The following exception is thrown in the xxxxxxx.log file:

      The below exception is thrown in the browser console log:

      TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'map')
          at 204.3c8102627b71f0645f27.js:1:95069
          at Object.useMemo (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:62782)
          at t.useMemo (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:14:5983)
          at kn (204.3c8102627b71f0645f27.js:1:94981)
          at Ko (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:57930)
          at hl (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:104169)
          at cu (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:96717)
          at lu (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:96642)
          at Zl (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:93672)
          at Kl (atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22:90436)
      (anonymous) @ adrum-
      el @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      n.callback @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      fo @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      ol @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      pu @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      t.unstable_runWithPriority @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:30
      Ua @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      du @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      Zl @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      Kl @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      Fu @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      (anonymous) @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      tu @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      Uu @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      t.render @ atlaskit-components.13bfedd66a8a10517884.js:22
      mi @ 204.3c8102627b71f0645f27.js:1
      (anonymous) @ VM879 Roadmaps:5
      Promise.then (async)
      (anonymous) @ VM879 Roadmaps:5
      (anonymous) @ VM879 Roadmaps:7


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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