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Backlog: when a feature is updated on the Feature Backlog, it disappears from it until the page is refreshed


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      Issue Summary

      When using the Feature Backlog, if one Feature is opened and updated, after saving/closing, it will disappear from it, and will only re-appear if the page is refreshed. Other Backlogs (like Epics/Stories) don't have the same problem.
      See one example:
      The feature can be seen on the backlog:

      After saving the update, it disappears:

      And only after the refresh of the page it appears once again:

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the Feature Backlog
      2. Select a Portfolio/Program + PI
      3. Open one Feature and update it, save/close
      4. See how the Feature is not present anymore
      5. Now refresh the page and see how it re-appear

      Expected Results

      After saving a Feature, it would be visible on the backlog without the need for a refresh of the page.

      Actual Results

      A refresh is needed to make the Feature appear on the backlog


      A refresh is needed to make the Feature appear on the backlog

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