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[JIRAALIGN-2341] User Story shouldn't retain the old PI after assigned to the new parent that doesn't have the PI set



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      Issue Summary

      When we move the Story from the parent Epic with the PI to the new Epic that doesn't have the PI set in Jira, the Story keeps the old PI relation in Jira Align, the respective message is displayed in the work item edit view.

      Steps to Reproduce

      There should be User Story in Jira that has a parent Epic with the PI set. There should also be the Epic with no PI. All items should be in sync with the Jira Align

      1. Open the User Story in Jira
      2. Move the Story to the Epic with no PI
      3. Wait until the items are synced
      4. Open the Story in Align and check if it is now in the Unassigned Backlog (inherited from the parent)

      Expected Results

      The Story belongs to the Unassigned Backlog based on the parent selection. No additional service messages are displayed.

      Actual Results

      Though the Story's parent is in the Unassigned backlog, there is a service message that informs users that old PI relation is retained.


      To clean up the old PI relation the story should be unassigned from the parent, the old PI should be removed, and then it can be assigned back to the parent.


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