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[JIRAALIGN-2048] Program Room-Show grid pop-up Disappears


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    • 10.81
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      Issue Summary

      Clicking on the "Show grid configuration" button opens the "column configuration" pop-up window but the pop-up disappears quickly.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Reproduces on quatest.agilecraft.xyz
      The specific steps below reproduce the issue

      1. Navigate to the Program Room, with "AI Program 3" configured in Tier 1 for the program.
      2. Select a PI from the drop down menu and click the button to load the room.
      3. Look for the "Quick Filters" button and click on it
      4. A list of toggles appears in a pop-up window
      5. With the list of toggles still open, click the Gear Icon directly to the right of the "Quick Filters" button to bring up the configure columns pop-up

      Expected Results

      The Pop-up window should stay put and not disappear within a few seconds.

      Actual Results

      When clicking the gear icon, the pop-up window appears and then disappears within a few seconds.

      An internal server error is seen in the Developer Tools console:


      Click the gear icon again and the pop up window should stay in place.

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