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[JIRAALIGN-1175] When moving parent work items to recycling bin: Need a clear message on the delete & cancel option to explain deleting parent and selected children items


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      Issue Summary

      Currently, on delete cancel we don't state that when users select the child items that it's deleting the parent and the child item.

      Example: Select capability more options delete or cancel, you will be prompted to select any children items that you want to cancel in addition to the parent. The issue is we don't state that on the pop-up. User gets the impression that they are selecting only the child item and not the parent. Then when the items are deleted it causes massive confusion. Multiple customers have stated that this is confusing.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Navigate to capability (That has multiple features associated)
      2. Step 2. - select delete or cancel
      3. Step 3. - Notice pop up window

      Expected Results

      We should give a clear description to what is taking place by selecting child items

      The banner should state the following: "Deleting this capability will place it into the recycling bin, in addition to any child features that are selected."

      Actual Results

      We state "Deleting this item will place it in the recycle bin." Customer gets confused by this message being so vague.


      No workaround at the moment

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