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Request for the previous method of creating new users



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      Atlassian Status as of 19 Nov 2014

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for providing your feedback here. It's obvious that our recent changes to simplify the experience for user creation has created problems for some of you.

      We have been reviewing all the feedback that's come through. The primary issues so far are:

      1. Admins are unable to explicitly set a username during new user account creation
      2. Admins are unable to control if emails are sent to new users about their account

      We are looking to address this feedback by essentially bringing back a version of the old create user screen that would allow admins to explicitly create a user, specify username at the same time and have the option to control email send.

      While we are working on this, we wanted to draw your attention to a new feature that we've just released that should help in the interim and has also been an existing feature request. You are now able to change usernames for users. This is available right now for all instances (excluding currently those that are integrated with Google Apps). You can do this on a per user basis via the ‘edit’ button on a user’s page. You may need to refresh your page if you don't see that you can do it immediately. This can be used as a temporary measure to change the usernames for newly created users until we have the create user experience fixed.

      Unfortunately, there is no straightforward workaround to stop the sending of an email to new users in the interim.
      A way to get around this: use an email address that you have access to (it cannot be currently used in your OnDemand site), in order to intercept the email sent. When you receive the email, click on the link to set the password to complete the account setup and then change the email address to the correct one.

      Some of you mentioned that there was a lack of communication about this change. We followed our standard pre-release communication process here and mentioned this before the release came about. We publish pre-release upgrade notes every week before a release is planned to go out - this was last week’s. If you’re not doing so already, I recommend that you ‘watch’ all blog posts in the AOD space to receive these updates in your inbox.

      Thanks again for your feedback,
      Helen Hung
      Product Manager

      A new update for user management in Atlassian OnDemand has been released and customers are unable to customise the username for new users.


      In addition to this change, we've also combined the "Create user" and "Invite user" functionality. To add a new user, click the Create users button and enter the email addresses of the users for which you'd like to create an account. Usernames will automatically be generated based on users' email addresses. New users will be sent an email to set their password.

      Note: The license count is updated when you create the user (not when the user logs in), so creating users takes a license for each application you give them access to.
      A new update for user management in Atlassian OnDemand has been released and it removed the option to create users manually.


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