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Some users with access to only Confluence are not being redirected to Confluence



      User who are given access to Confluence only (while there are JIRA in the instance), will be redirected to JIRA Dashboard/Customer Portal (if the instance has JIRA Service Desk) when they try to access the instance's URL


      JIRA v1000.1010.1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a user and give Confluence access only (in default environment, include the user in "confluence-users" group only)
      2. login as the user
      3. Try to access the instance's URL (<instance-name>.atlassian.net)

      Expected Results

      User redirected to Confluence (<instance-name>.atlassian.net/wiki/discover/all-updates)

      Actual Results

      • User may receive a "Too Many Redirects" Error
      • OR, they are redirected to JIRA (<instance-name>.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa) as a logged out user (can see log in button on top right)
      • OR, they're logged into the JIRA Service Management Customer Portal


      This happened simultaneously with the appearance of this bug:

      • Unable to choose default homepage anymore in Atlassian Cloud


      Original Description

      In some states, user sites will stop redirecting users to the correct product based on their permissions. In particular, this means that users with access to Confluence but not JIRA will end up at the JIRA dashboard or the JIRA Service Desk anonymous user portal page instead of the Confluence dashboard.

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