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Crowd does not recognize Service Desk Customers as distinct from JIRA users


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      Some customers have a large number of customers that they would like to access JIRA Service Desk, but instead of using the JIRA Internal Directory, they would like to utilize Crowd to manage their users. This is most relevant when they want to authenticate via Crowd SSO. Currently, they cannot do this and still benefit from agent based pricing. Crowd does not recognize Service Desk Customers as a distinct and separate group from regular JIRA users.

      Atlassian Status

      Atlassian Crowd is a separate product and therefore if you wish to use Crowd for SSO, you will need to purchase a Crowd license that is large enough for your user base. Customers in JIRA Service Desk, while free in JIRA Service Desk, will consume a license in Crowd.

      A suggestion to enable both remote Crowd and local authentication in JIRA has been created. Please vote and comment on this issue to communicate your need for a feature such as this JSD-1244

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