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      In the JIRA Studio team, when we work on a review, we will read through the comments and often we will find one that requires us to go back and code some more. However, we do not want to drop the review right then and there, we would rather accumulate the changes that we need to make and only then go back to the code. The current workarounds within the team seem to be either having a pen and paper handy and write it down or use the 'Leave Unread' button to highlight the issue again. People turning to pen and paper is not great and using the 'Leave Unread' button confuses your workflow when new comments come in. Neither method is a real solution.

      What I would really like to see is a way to turn a crucible comment into a 'TODO' item so that each person can generate their own todo list for each review. You could just tick each comment (similar to the way that you click 'Leave Unread') and that item becomes a todo item; which they can review later as one big list on a single page. I have attached an image of roughly what I meant.

      Also, on the page that will contain the list of you todo item comments it would be nice if you could 'Mark as Done' at a specific revision as well (where you enter the revision in a text box or something similar).

      But if you do not like that idea then I would merely request a nice way for us to mark items down for future work, development and attention. I think that would greatly improve the way that we move through our reviews.


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