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Allow removal of page version history for Space Administrators



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Status as of January 8, 2013

      Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and feedback on this issue. Based on customer conversations and comments on this ticket, the most prevalent need in this area is the to manually remove specific versions of a page for the purposes of removing confidential information (e.g. passwords). Therefore, in the next version (Confluence 5.0) we plan to provide the ability for space administrators to manually remove specific versions of a page. We will mark this feature as closed once we ship 5.0.

      There have been a number of comments requesting additional functionality beyond this for the purposes of minimizing database storage requirements or for adhering to content retention requirements. We have opened another JIRA issue for this use case which can be found at CONF-27701.

      Thanks again for your comments and contributions.

      There are several reasons why it would be useful to be able to remove historical versions of selected pages:

      • to remove confidential information which was accidentally added while editing the page
      • to reduce the database usage of Confluence, particularly on frequently- or automatically-updated pages
      • to comply with legislative document destruction requirements (e.g. delete content older than some years).

      Practically speaking, this might be implemented in a number of different ways:

      • ability to remove old versions of pages older than specific date (e.g. get rid of anything older than 6 months)
      • ability to limit the number of old versions kept (e.g. limit to 5 previous versions)
      • ability to remove specific old versions from one or more pages.

      These tasks could be done manually via space admin, triggered by an automatic housekeeping task, or done manually for specific pages.


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