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Consistent display of confluence-administrator authority within Page Restriction dialog box


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      Currently, if a user restricts view and edit permissions to a page, the following behavior results:

      1. If you are logged in as a user in the confluence-administrator group, Confluence does not display and Edit link on the page.
      2. However, if the confluence-administrator user clicks the page's padlock icon, the resulting permissions dialog displays the confluence-administrator user with View and Edit permissions.
      3. While the confluence-administrator can view the page, they need to take an extra step to edit the page by explicitly clicking the padlock icon on the Restricted Pages tab within the Space Tools interface to remove the permissions.

      So, in summary, this request is change the wording of the permissions displayed in the Permissions dialog for users who are in the confluence-administrators group to reflect the actual state of their permissions. That is, until they remove the permissions from the Restricted Pages tab, Confluence should show that confluence-administrator only has View permissions to the restricted page.

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