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Members of confluence-administrators group cannot edit pages unless given explicit permission



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    • 5.10, 6.7.1, 7.14.1
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      In Confluence Admin > Space Permissions it states:

      These are the default permissions that will be assigned to groups when someone adds a new space. The 'confluence-administrators' group always has all permissions for all spaces, and any permissions set for it here will be ignored.

      However, confluence-administrators do not get all permissions for all spaces by default. They can view content, but edit permissions are restricted unless they are a member of a group that has explicit permission to edit/create content.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create two users, one should be a member of confluence-administrators and the other should not be.
      2. Create a new space as the non-admin user
      3. Remove access for the confluence-users group
      4. Log in as the admin user and navigate to this space

      Expected Results

      Going to any page in the space should still show an Edit button, and the 'e' shortcut should open up the editor.

      Actual Results

      Edit will not appear on any pages in the space, the 'e' shortcut will not open the editor.


      This appears to be caused by changes made in 5.10. Previously the Edit button would show, but attempts to edit would cause a "Not Permitted" error

      Solution / Workaround

      • Add confluence-administrators group to the default global space permissions
        • This permission will need to be added individually to existing spaces


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