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Missing features from team calendar



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It amazes me that such a powerful program is lacking some fundamental features. This issue can prolly be broken up into sub issues - but I will leave that up to someone else to do.

      I really love what jira and confluence has done to our workflow but at the same time it has also hurt our workflow with simple, yet missing, features.

      1: Reminders. It is ultimately important that people get reminded about an events if a reminder is setup in a calendar. Many people are mobile now days and subscribe to the team calendars or a personal calendar. For instance I am out of the office in meetings all the time and with the new team calendars I never get reminded of my next meeting. This is quite annoying as it is something that I rely on a daily basis. Why such a simple and powerful feature is missing escapes me.

      2: Making changes to the calendar. Again being mobile quite a bit I may have a client call and want to change their appointment to another time. I have my phone subscribed - but I can't make changes in my phones calendar and therefore I have to resort to going to the website and putting in my login information etc and making the change. This adds time and unnecessary steps.

      3: Adding the time to the fields is a bit cumbersome sometimes. When I enter time into the team calendars I always have to remember to type it in properly in military time. When in other systems a simple drop down of time broken up in 15 minute blocks I can easily select from.

      These 3 above are so utterly important - not just to use (who come from using Google Calendar) but I am almost certain for many other people as well.

      I hope that these get implemented soon.


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