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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Consider this: while I am a long time wiki user, when presented with an empty space I still waste quite a lot of time in getting a space to the right structure. Adding MeetingNotes pages, adding templates, experimenting, fighting with macros etc.

      My work and productivity would have been ten-fold better had I been able to select from a space gallery that Atlasian or people in a similar setting have created and posted. I can practically hit the ground running.

      This should be a tremendous sales booster. I am currently evaluating this product and am working hard with an extremely tight schedule to get the management to buy in (other options being evaluated include Jot and SharePoint). Such a feature would have made a difference.


      Atlassian status as of November 11, 2022

      Dear Customers,

      Thank you for your patience in waiting for us to look into this issue. We fully appreciate the need to create space templates in Confluence and understand the value this feature would bring.

      We are excited to share that we’ve been working on some related work via CONFSERVER-3191 which aims to get Copy Space functionality bundled and shipped in Confluence. We understand that this isn’t exactly a fully-fledged space template management solution but the feature should serve as a functional way to copy across a standard page structure, permission set, look and feel, templates, etc… all within the context of a space.

      Our current plans are to firstly deliver Copy Space as an updated plugin under our existing Marketplace listing, following that we wish to bundle Copy Space within future versions of Confluence itself so that it is seamlessly integrated into the application and supported for all customers to freely use without friction.
      Please keep an eye on CONFSERVER-3191 for further updates as to the progress of delivery, we hope to be sharing more within the coming months. In addition, if there are shortcomings of Copy Space that don't fill your Space Template needs we'd like to hear about this in the comments of this ticket.

      Kind regards,

      Michael Andreacchio | Product Manager - Confluence DC


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