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Easily create a copy of an entire space



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      Atlassian Update – 26 May 2023

      Hi everyone,

      We are excited to announce that with the release of Confluence 8.3, the ability to copy spaces is now bundled and supported for all customers on Confluence versions 8.3 and later. The updated Copy a Space includes functional improvements such as the ability to copy over templates, an improved UI, and better progress tracking. Read more about the improved feature in our Copy a Space documentation and the Confluence 8.3 release notes.

      The existing Copy Space marketplace plugin will continue to work for earlier Confluence versions and will remain supported until the end of life date for the Confluence 7.19 Long Term Support release (currently 28 Jul 2024).

      We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to improve Confluence Data Center.

      Kind regards,

      Kalvin Xu
      Confluence Data Center

      It'd be really very handy to be able to duplicate a space. Export/import only works on 1 space I think (it seems to have lots of integer ids in there so I dare not try exporting, twiddling things and reimporting).

      What would be really nice would be a 'copy space' option where you can duplicate an entire space as a different name/key.

      e.g. setting up projects at codehaus; it'd be good to use an existing space as a base, then copy the entire thing, then after that either export/import to search/replace, or just manually modify pages after that. 


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