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Easily create a copy of an entire space



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It'd be really very handy to be able to duplicate a space. Export/import only works on 1 space I think (it seems to have lots of integer ids in there so I dare not try exporting, twiddling things and reimporting).

      What would be really nice would be a 'copy space' option where you can duplicate an entire space as a different name/key.

      e.g. setting up projects at codehaus; it'd be good to use an existing space as a base, then copy the entire thing, then after that either export/import to search/replace, or just manually modify pages after that. 

      Atlassian status as of November 15, 2018

      Hi all,

      Thanks for all your votes and comments on this suggestion.

      As previously mentioned, we fully appreciate the value copying a space will bring. This is something we’d ideally like to implement in the future, but it's not currently on our roadmap for the next 12 months. . We’re instead focusing on bringing you a new search experience, and are investigating improvements to permissions.

      For more context on this, take a read of the Community blog A renewed approach to highly voted Server suggestions for Jira and Confluence.

      There are multiple workarounds available for this issue though - we recommend reading through the related Confluence documentation for more information.

      Additionally, as many of you are aware, we implemented the related feature, copy page hierarchy, in 6.0. We hope that you’ll be able to utilize this functionality as an alternative workaround in the meantime.

      I apologise for the disappointment and will ensure we provide you with an update on this feature request within the next 12 months.

      Jenny Millman | Product Manager - Confluence Server


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